Awakening the Body's Wisdom: Dr. Cathleen King's Guide to Health

Episode 163 May 08, 2024 00:41:41
Awakening the Body's Wisdom: Dr. Cathleen King's Guide to Health
Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt
Awakening the Body's Wisdom: Dr. Cathleen King's Guide to Health

May 08 2024 | 00:41:41


Show Notes

In this new episode of Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt, we have a very insightful discussion, Dr. Cathleen King. Today she shares with us her journey from being afflicted by a plethora of health issues, including chronic Lyme disease, POTS, autoimmune disorders, and the aftermath of a parasite infection from South America, to discovering the pivotal role of the nervous system in healing. After years of unsuccessfully navigating traditional and alternative medical treatments, Dr. King's turning point came with a shift towards nervous system and brain retraining techniques. Her program, Primal Trust, is based on the premise that the body has an inherent capacity to self-heal, especially when the autonomic nervous system is rebalanced and the limbic system is calmed.

Dr. King highlights the significant impact of trauma and stress responses on health and elaborates on her multi-faceted approach to healing, including somatic experiencing, visualizations, and attuning to the body's signals for safeguarding and recovery. We also touch upon the concept of superconsciousness and its potential to catalyze profound healing by accessing a field of intelligence beyond the conscious and subconscious mind. Dr. King emphasizes the importance of integrating nervous system regulation with medical treatments to enhance overall well-being and foster a life not dominated by illness.

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